Common Side Effects of Weight Loss Drugs

Weight loss drugs or anti-obesity medicine are specific pharmacological agents which reduce or regulate weight. These drugs change one of the most fundamental processes of our body, weight regulation, namely, by changing either total calorie intake or appetite, directly by interfering with the receptors that signal satiety. This leads to a shift from a hyperphagic state, in which all food is taken in and energy burned, to a hypophagic state, where all food is ingested and no energy is burned. In addition to these, weight loss drugs also prevent the formation of new fat cells in the body and change the metabolism of fats stored in the body.


The most popular weight loss drugs are those that alter the process of how the body breaks down food. By interfering with the digestive system, they reduce the rate at which food is digested and absorbed into the bloodstream. They can cause a rapid drop in blood glucose, which further reduces the rate at which the food is absorbed into the bloodstream. As a result, when food is not digested quickly, it is not stored as easily in the body and there is a subsequent rise in its concentration in the blood.

While these drugs are popular for their weight loss effects, they also have very serious side effects. Some of these include heart attacks, constipation, kidney failure, tremors and even death. For this reason, many people who are taking weight loss drugs must first attempt to lose the excess weight before they embark on medication. Many people choose to use different methods of dieting and exercise in order to lose the extra weight, and then they choose to begin using drugs like Hoodia to help them maintain their weight loss efforts once they have reached their ideal body weight.

There are two major classes of weight loss drugs. There are those that act on the central nervous system and those that act on the endocrine system. Most drugs used to control appetite will affect both systems. The central nervous system is responsible for controlling our appetite. This includes the signals that tell us we are hungry and that we should eat.

In the case of appetite suppressants such as sucralfate and phentermine, which are known as ”date rape” medications, they work by interfering with the brain’s signals that prompt us to eat. If you take one of these types of drugs and you combine it with other medications, such as blood pressure medications, you may experience drug interactions. Some of the drug interactions are mild, such as a decrease in blood pressure, while others can be very serious. The most common drug interactions occur when the blood pressure medications are taken with a drug called trifluoperazine or fluoxetine. These two medications, along with the trifluoperazine, are also known as antipsychotic medications. If you are taking an antipsychotic and you take one of these weight loss drugs, you could experience severe or even life-threatening side effects.

Weight loss drugs, even over-the-counter weight loss drugs, can interact with your medications if you are already taking another medication to lower your cholesterol, blood pressure or high blood sugar levels. There are other things that can affect how your body responds to diet pills, such as your age, sex, medical history, diet, exercise level, and body mass index (bmi). Your doctor can help you decide how safe and how effective any diet pill is for your health. Some diet pills are higher in calories than others. When combined with other medications, diet pills are a good choice for those who are trying to lose weight, but who want to avoid some of the side effects that come with other weight loss drugs.

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