Can High Blood Pressure and Diet Loss Drugs Be Both Dangerous?

Weight loss drugs or pharmaceuticals are chemical substances that control weight or minimize weight. These drugs change one of the most basic functions of the body, calorie metabolism, by changing either the energy absorbed or hunger sensations. They make it easier for people to satisfy their physiological and emotional hunger requirements. This enables them to control weight, even though they cannot eat more than they already do. Weight loss drugs are very popular among dieters because they help them to achieve their weight loss objectives.


These weight loss drugs enable people to lose excess weight without changing their lifestyle or diet. They are used by most people who are trying to lose weight and they also work as a sort of short term diet or weight loss plan. To get the weight reduced to the desired level, they have to be combined with an appropriate diet and exercise plan. Losing weight requires discipline and commitment to achieve your goals.

However, the positive results from using weight loss medication may only last up to some period of time. This is because most of these medications come with dangerous side effects. They may result in serious problems like heart disease, strokes and even kidney failure. Some of these drugs also result in constipation, dehydration and even intestinal cancer.

An interesting study conducted on animals has revealed shocking news about weight loss drugs. The scientists have found out that the widely used drug – Accutane – can result in birth defects in the animals. Accutane is a powerful anti-tumor medication and is commonly prescribed to people suffering from cancers, including breast cancer. It is often prescribed along with other anti-cancer drugs, to help these patients destroy the cancerous cells in their body.

The study conducted on rats in the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine found that the combination of diethylpropion (Diethanol) and orlistat may cause severe birth defects in the animals. The combination of these two drugs results in the formation of very small blood vessels in the brain and heart. The researchers claim that orlistat may cause heart and liver diseases in the future generations. Accutane is manufactured by Hoffman-La-Roche and was approved by the FDA in 1992.

The FDA has banned the use of diethylpropion and orlistat in combination with prescription diet pills. Although the medicines are not yet available in the US, other countries are taking preventive measures against the potential hazards of these drugs. Pakistan’s government has announced a decision to ban all weight loss drugs containing ephedrine and caffeine. People who are regularly using these types of prescription diet pills that contain these ingredients are strongly advised to report to the local authorities immediately if they start to experience any serious side effects.

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