A Weight Loss Journey With Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson has always been open in regards to not wanting to give up her favorite comfort foods and snacks which she loves, and this is definitely something that she’s been very open about throughout her entire weight loss journey. She’s gone on record saying how she absolutely loves chocolate, and she’ll even go as far as saying that she enjoys ice cream just as much as the next person. However, when Jessica Simpson released her first weight loss book it received a lot of criticism from many people, including her own mother. Jessica has always remained strong however, and she has remained vocal about her desire to keep the weight off, even through all of the bad press surrounding her book.


One of the biggest issues that Jessica has consistently spoken about in regards to her weight loss journey is the fact that women who are physically active tend to gain a lot more weight than those who are more sedentary. In her book, Jessica Simpson made it clear that women who are active have a better chance at keeping their weight down because they burn more calories at a faster rate. Jessica has additionally stated on numerous occasions that it’s not only a good idea for women to be active during pregnancy, but also for them to continue with their fitness routines after giving birth to their third child. This comes in handy because women who are still living with their parents are often unable to afford gym memberships, and as such they need to take exercise classes indoors or at home. The good news is that in Jessica Simpson’s case, she was able to keep up with the rigorous fitness program she had to follow in order to stay in shape as she gave birth to her first child, prompting her to continue with her fitness routine even after her husband took custody of the family.

Jessica Simpson is certainly an inspiring woman. She has persevered through a weight loss journey that most women cannot survive. The hard times that Jessica Simpson endured to get to where she is today should serve as an example to all of us. When life is getting you down and you are struggling to maintain your current weight, remember to keep going. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you can’t or that you don’t have to be happy with the way you look. You can be a beautiful, thin beautiful woman if you are willing to put in the effort to change your body!

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss

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