Intermittent Fasting and Weight Loss For Men – Focus on Your Cardio Routine

Weight loss for men basically is the same with weight loss for women. You simply have to consume less calories than your body requires to keep its current weight. At the end of the day there are really only two things that you need to think about. First, you have to think about how many calories you consume per day. Second, you need to make sure that you burn more calories than you intake. Once you do these two things then you are ready to start your weight loss for men’s program.


So what did one study reveal? It was found out that consuming two glasses of red wine a day can actually help you lose weight. What they discovered is that the chemicals that are in the wine can activate thermogenic hormones, which are like the ”run” on the body. The study went on to show that if the dieter consumes the same amount of calories but burns more off with the use of this diet, then they can lose weight!

Now you are probably thinking to yourself that getting older means you are going to slow down metabolism. This is true! As we age our metabolism rate naturally slows down, and in some cases, it actually stops working altogether. This is because as we age, the body becomes less active and uses the energy it has to store fat instead of building new lean muscles. But you don’t have to worry about this because there is a solution.

There is a new method that is being used all over the world that will allow anyone to experience the weight loss for men that they have always wanted without sacrificing their calorie intake or their workout routine. This is intermittent fasting. This works by slowing down your metabolism so you can drastically reduce the amount of calories that you eat and still put that amount of calories to good use by burning them up while fasting.

Intermittent Fasting is based on the principle of ”exercise followed by rest” which essentially means that you can squeeze in moderate exercise every other day to give your body a well-balanced workout routine, while still giving it time to recover and rejuvenate itself. Your workout routine is designed around your goal, whether it be to lose weight, gain muscle, or just get stronger. By alternating between moderate and intense exercise, your body is given the opportunity to repair and build up its muscle and stamina as well as repairing and rebuilding your depleted glycogen supply.

To get the most out of Intermittent Fasting, I highly recommend incorporating it into your current workout routine. I highly recommend using HIIT as a supplementary weight loss for men routine to help you achieve your goals. HIIT is a high intensity interval cardio workout that you can incorporate into your current workout routine easily. HIIT increases your metabolic rate while simultaneously increasing your muscle and stamina strength during your workout routine.

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