Weight Loss For Women: Hormone Imbalance May Be the Cause

Women need to be careful when it comes to losing weight. This is because their bodies are different from men’s bodies and therefore women have special considerations to make before dropping pounds. Weight loss for women requires much more than just burning calories. A good diet combined with regular exercise is very important to women’s weight loss success. With that in mind, here are a few of the more prominent red flags to look out for when you’re struggling to drop pounds fast.

One of the first things to look for when you’re looking for weight loss for women is your metabolism. You may find that you are easily exhausted at various times of the day. At certain times of the day, you may find that you are not burning as many calories as you do at other times. This could be because of fluctuations in your hormones or it may simply be because your metabolism is not operating at its peak efficiency. In order to get your metabolism operating at its highest efficiency, you may find that you need to increase your intake of certain vitamins or supplements.

Another common problem that may be experienced when attempting to lose weight is excessive sleeping. When you are sleeping excessively, your metabolism does not function correctly. Instead of burning calories at a higher rate, it will actually burn off fat making you end up with an excessive number of unwanted pounds. You will also find that you become dehydrated and sick as a result of not eating properly during your day, resulting in weight loss for women that are overweight.

One of the largest causes for weight gain is hormonal imbalance. Women experience hormonal changes during their menstrual cycle as well as through periods in which they are taking contraceptives. If these changes happen to be large enough to cause weight gain, it is likely that you will also experience other symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, depression, and fatigue. To remedy this situation, you may want to speak with your doctor about hormone replacement therapy.

As previously mentioned, many women experience weight gain due to hormonal changes. If your doctor has diagnosed you with hypothyroidism or another thyroid disorder, you may want to consider starting a thyroid supplement medication. This is especially true if your thyroid supplement medication was prescribed by a doctor who is considering prescribing medicine for your hypothyroidism. A study published in the June issue of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise showed that L-tryptophan will significantly increase the metabolic rate of patients with low levels of energy in the thyroid. It also was found that the increased metabolic rate produced a greater amount of energy and weight loss for those patients taking the medicine.

Another study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology showed that the same hormone responsible for weight loss for women can also cause women to crave sugary foods. Testosterone, which is responsible for the sense of taste and appetite, is reduced when women take the hormone replacement therapy known as spironolactone. The hormone replacement therapy was found to raise both cravings and the desire for sugar. The hormone replacement therapy is not recommended for people with diabetes, and if your blood pressure is high, you should check with your doctor before beginning this type of treatment.

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