Weight Loss For Women

Weight loss for women is often times viewed in a different manner than that of men. Women who lose weight extremely fast most often experience some temporary satisfaction; but it is not usually recommended as a fun or sustainable long-term approach. For this reason, here are just some of the more obvious red flags to look out for when you are struggling with weight loss for women. If you feel that something is missing from your current diet program, but you are still not seeing major weight loss results then there is definitely something wrong. The following article will discuss what these types of issues may be and how to eliminate them in order to find long term success.


One of the more frustrating things for women when they are dealing with weight loss is that the cause of their weight gain is primarily due to hormonal changes. In many cases a woman is experiencing hormonal changes before going through puberty. During puberty, the body experiences huge amounts of growth hormones such as estrogen and testosterone. Unfortunately, the amount of growth hormones produced eventually peaks and drops with puberty.

A new study published in the Journal of American Medical Association confirms what many doctors have always suspected. Specifically, the study confirmed that women who are on weight-loss medication experience the largest amount of weight gain during the early stages of menopause. The reason why this is the case is because the hormone estrogen also fluctuates throughout the course of a woman’s life. With this being the case, many women begin to experience the same hormonal changes that men experience throughout puberty.

Another thing that the study published in the JAMA confirms is that most people are not making the right choices when it comes to the types of foods that they eat. In the past, the common assumption has been that a person’s weight would rapidly change to quit their weight loss program. However, this was actually proven to be false. It was found that most people were able to maintain their weight after stopping their medication. This study published in the JAMA further concludes that it is not the type of weight loss program that matters the most, but rather what is consumed after stopping medication.

In addition to this, the second study published in the Journal of American Medical Association confirms what many people already know. People who consume green tea tend to have more lean meats and lower fat content. This revelation from the researchers was made possible due to a previous study that revealed that men who drank green tea had lower levels of two inflammatory chemicals in their system. Apparently, the chemicals serve as an anti-inflammatory and help aid the body in fighting off infection. With the body producing fewer pro-inflammatory chemicals, the person is then able to burn more fat.

The last thing that we are going to discuss in this article is the first research published in the journal of Obesity. It reveals that the person who has a large amount of fast food in their diet will have more chances of becoming overweight than those with healthy diets. This revelation makes it clear that the best weight loss strategy to follow is healthy eating. Eating healthy foods can greatly help you lose excess pounds while avoiding bad habits like fatty foods and sugary treats.

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